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About the Show

From the beginning of the internet, traditional sources for militaria started going online. The printed militaria sales catalogs (like AGM) have blossomed into websites. Auctions popped up left and right. The only major traditional source for militaria that has yet to find an online home is the traditional militaria show... Until now!

We hold a new show every week except for four (AGM Catalog openings). The show is open to dealers and members Monday at 3:00 pm US Central Time; and to the collecting public at 4:00 pm. Your Insider membership works just like a club membership or early buyer's pass at a show - you get in when the dealers do. For sellers - you could not ask for a better deal. Sellers buy a table once, and they can participate all year long; 48 shows for the price of one table, with absolutely no commissions or fees, and many of the best militaria buyers in the world to view their items.
A different sort of militaria show!           As sellers and buyers are regular militaria shows, we have all had the universal experience of walking down the aisle at a show and seeing 'that guy' standing behind the table filled to overflowing with blatant fakes and forgeries. We always wonder "why do the show promoters sell him a table?" It makes the show look bad. But in this modern age when we seem to need a padded helmet, a lawyer, a government inspector, and a therapist present just to stand on a stepstool and change a light bulb, it should not be a surprise that show promoters are reluctant to deny tables to anyone.

We are not quite as permissive. Sellers with well-known authenticity or customer service issues simply do not get tables here. Sellers must fill out an application and agree to a few simple, basic rules for selling at the Online Militaria Show. We do not know everybody of course, and some folks with problems will get tables, just like they do at regular shows. Nor can we guarantee that everybody will follow the rules. However, if problems are reported and bad habits are clearly the trend, anyone who is not living up to the rules will cease being sellers at this show. Our goal is to create a somewhat exclusive show made up of people that the buyers will enjoy doing business with.

In short, we intend to run the Online Militaria Show in the way that we all wish regular show promoters would run their events!
For Buyers:  The Insider Online Militaria Show operates similarly to the regular AGM catalog, and in some ways it is even better. Registered users can browse the item listings and sort them by country, era, item type, etc. Choose the item you wish to view and click on the listing. If you want the item, click "buy now" and it is instantly yours. The site sends an email to you and to the seller, then the two of you complete the transaction.  The item is automatically marked "sold".  If you are the next guy who missed it, you can send the seller a message letting them know that you are interested, in case the first transaction does not happen.

As a buyer attending the Insider Online Militaria Shows, you will have access to items being sold by your fellow AGM customers.  Our sellers include a fair number of people who are fed up with eBay, and do not attend shows outside their local area.  Consequently, when they have great items for sale, they are normally only available at their local area show, once or twice a year.  Now, you will have the same chance at their good stuff as 'the locals.'
For Sellers: Have you ever noticed that a good portion of your sales at a militaria show happen during set-up time, when the serious buyers are running around trying to find the good stuff before anyone else spots it?  Have you observed how quickly items tend to sell during the first day of a new AGM catalog?  Notice the similarity?  That's not by accident.  We have managed to recreate that same 'opening day buying frenzy' at AGM.

Now you can put our system to work for you.  The Insider Online Militaria Show is a great way to sell your extra items!  Your items will be seen by over 7,000 registered users on the AGM website.  If you offer good items, write a good thorough description, take good photos, and set reasonable prices - you should expect the same high sales volume that we enjoy at AGM.

Better yet, your annual $65 table fee allows you to participate in 48 shows per year.  No additional fees, no commissions.  If your total sales in a year are $10, or $100,000, the commission is the same: $0!  Compare that to the fees you pay to run items through eBay, or even the travel expenses you incur when setting up at militaria shows.  It adds up fast!   
How does it work?  As a BUYER:
The show opens to sellers and Insider members at 3:00 pm (to allow as many people around the world to view the show as possible.)  If you are are not already a member, you can join at
any time to gain early entry into the show, as well as the other benefits of Insider membership.  If you do not wish to join, the show opens to the general public at 4:00 pm.  Anyone can browse the show as an unregistered guest, but to view items and make purchases, you will need to be registered on the website and logged in (FREE).
When you see an item that you like, click on it to see the individual item page.  There you will find the item description, photos, and information about the seller including their return policy, payment and shipping options, etc.  If you would like to purchase more than one item from the same seller to save on shipping, a link to the seller's other items is provided.

When you press "buy now", the item is yours, and everyone else who is looking at it sees it marked "sold."  The website sends an email to you and the seller, giving you each other's contact information so that you can complete the transaction.

After you fill out the seller's application and pay for your table, you are all set to start loading up your table for the next available show.

Click "Sell My Items" to get started.  If you are new, you will set up your Seller profile, general shipping preferences, etc.  You can make changes to these any time you list another item, and can choose whether you want your new preference to be universal, or just for that one particular item. 

If you have ever listed anything on eBay, you will have no trouble navigating your way through the listing pages.  We have simplified this as much as possible to make it quick and easy.  The other difference is that our categories make logical sense, whereas theirs.. well, not so much sometimes.

Once your listing is done, consider it packed away, waiting for the next show opening date.  New listings are subject to spot-check review for policy compliance.  If there is a problem with a listing that is easily solved, it will be sent back to you for revision.  If you have listed an item that we believe likely to be problematic it will be rejected.  (Remember - no repros, Hitler world tour T-shirts, etc.)  Item rejection is not subject to debate or appeal.  This is not a democracy. 

You need not worry about AGM staff combing through the stuff and picking out the good stuff before it hits the show.  We will not be doing this.  We gain far more if someone scores a great item at a good price and makes the rounds of the internet forums to share his good fortune and let folks know where he got it than we would by picking it up ourselves.
The date of the next show and the cut-off date for submitting new items for that show are displayed on the item listing page.  Once that date passes, you can continue loading up new items, but they are for the next following show.

Once the show opens, you can enter early as a Seller and Insider Member.  Browse the listings for items that you want, or simply keep your listings up and watch the "Available" tags turn to "SOLD!"

As items sell, you will receive emails with information about your buyer so that you two can get in touch and complete the transactions. 

The show closes down at the end of Friday.  The items that did not sell can be automatically set to relist every other week, or every third week.  This helps keep the shows fresh and interesting.  To further encourage sales, you can edit your unsold items to adjust the price, add a new photo, etc.
What if there is a problem? One or both of the parties should get in touch with AGM.  We will collect information from both parties, review the case, and recommend a solution.  We are not law enforcement, and we cannot reach through the computer to make someone do the right thing.  However, we do have our fingers on the controls of the Online Militaria Show.  If we believe that a member's behavior warrants it (either a buyer or a seller), we can flip switches and turn dials that will prevent them from participating in any further shows.  That alone should be enough to avoid any real problems 99.9% of the time!

AND, to be perfectly candid - our customers are just a great bunch of folks.  I anticipate very little friction here at the Online Militaria Show!
Does AGM Guarantee the items sold on the Online Militaria Show?  No.  (Well, except for the items that we are selling ourselves, of course.)  Like any other show, the Online Militaria Show is merely a venue, and the individual sellers are responsible for their own listings.  The fact that a listing made it through our spot-check process does not imply any sort of endorsement or warranty by AGM, our employees, or contractors. 

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