At AGM, we have been practicing "Guaranteed Original" for a long time, but are making it official.  Displaying this badge on the item listings will be an option for sellers at the upcoming Online Militaria Show, so we want to make it part of the regular AGM catalog as well. 
This badge tells you that the seller permanently guarantees the item being sold to be original and accurately identified.  Though the seller (in this case AGM) may have a return policy that restricts returns for other reasons to a certain specified time limit, an item that the buyer later finds not to be accurately identified or original may be returned at any time, regardless of when the original purchase was made. 
We know very well that as a customer, you are counting on us to know our subject material and describe it accurately.  As anyone who has worked here writing catalog descriptions can attest, accuracy is priority #1, above all else.  When we don't know a specific area, we call for backup - utilizing a network of sources that has us pretty well covered for most anything likely to surface in a militaria collection.  However, nobody is immune from making errors, least of all us.  The true test of any business is how problems are handled.  We view the occasional problem as an opportunity to demonstrate our loyalty to our customers, and to earn their loyalty in return.  Fortunately this does not happen often, but if a problem should arise - we have you covered.