Login / Register FAQs and HELP

My password doesn't work! Click forgot password and follow the steps.  The website will send you a new
password, which you can use to login.  From there, you can change it to any
new password of your own choosing.
I DID click forgot password, but
the new one doesn't work.
One of two things has happened here.

1) You did not wait for the new password to arrive in your email, and clicked
"forgot password" again.  When the first new password showed up, it was
already voided by the second new password.  SOLUTION: find the last
replacement password and use that one, or simply erase all of these emails
and start over, making sure to generate only one (1) replacement password.

2) You are having trouble mistyping the new password, getting a number 1
confused with a letter "L", a zero with a letter "O", upper case v/s lower case,
etc. SOLUTION: Use copy and paste. Right click is disabled on this website
to discourage image theft, so use the keyboard commands. Highlight the new
password in the email with your mouse. Hold the command key (lower left
corner on US keyboards) and hit "C". That copies the password exactly. Then
place the cursor in the password box on the website. Hold command and hit
"V". That pastes the copied text for you. This alone solves the vast majority
of customer password troubles!
I clicked forgot password, but
after waiting for over 10 minutes,
nothing ever arrived in my email.
The emails are automatically sent, so chances are it was filtered out as 'spam'
somewhere along the line.  SOLUTION 1: Check your spam folder.  Found it?
Great!  If not - SOLUTION 2: Call us up and we will find our copy (we get a 'cc'
copy of each password request email.)  If this is happening on the day of a
new catalog opening, we are honestly just not available to offer tech help.. SO, for
the moment you can choose to browse the catalog as a guest.
I had a subscription to Insider
(or a seller table, printed catalog
subscription, etc.) and now it is
gone.  What happened?
Most likely you forgot your password or changed your email, and to fix this you
simply re-registered rather than using the other tools.  The subscriptions are
linked to your user account.  If you start a new user account, you know that you
are the same person as before, but the website does not.  This can be fixed,
but we have to do it.  Email us, tell us what is going on, and we will get your
accounts straightened out for you.  Might take a day or two if we are out of the
office, but we will get it done as quickly as possible.
Why should we have to register,
anyway?  Other e-commerce
websites don't require this!
Well, you don't actually have to register.  You can browse the AGM catalog as
a guest - that option is on the right side of the login page. 

However you must be a registered user and logged in to use the online ordering
system, view / pay for your invoice, track your package status, download photos
and descriptions of the items that you have purchased, etc.  We have built in a
number of great features, but they only work if the website can match up
orders and customers.  If you want to remain anonymous, that's certainly fine.. 
but the website will be of only very limited use to you. 
Your website is broken, stupid,
and ridiculous. It just doesn't work
no matter what I do.  You won't be
in business for long like this!
Yes, we still get at least 2-3 emails expanding on this theme every catalog.
I must admit it is always tempting to point out that there are about 10,000 users
worldwide, and a fair number of them don't speak a word of English.. yet they
still manage to operate the website without a problem.  Our tech friends refer to
this as a PEBCAC issue.  (Problem Exists Between Computer And Chair)  It can
happen to any of us though. 

SOLUTION: Get up, take a walk, go pet a bunny rabbit or a kitty cat, get a
soothing massage, drink some herbal tea, burn through 100 rounds of ammo..
whatever it is that calms you down when you are stressed.  When your family
and friends can no longer see your eyes bulging out and back with each and
every heartbeat, call us.  Chances are the problem is something really simple.
You have to be ready to accept that it might be something that you are doing,
and be patient enough to let us help you get it sorted out.  Remember - if the
site is working fine for folks all over the world, chances are that we have not
somehow arranged for it to be 'broken' just for you.  It might actually be specific
to your internet service provider (especially if they are filtering out AGM emails
as 'spam'), but even that doesn't happen very often.  Remember - calling us
names, yelling, screaming, and insulting us is not a good first step on the road
to assistance.  We're upland Southern Hillbillies - very easygoing to a point.. but
there is a pretty steep ledge after that last line is crossed.