Starting at 9:00 am on the morning of a new catalog, AGM Insider members can preview the print version of the new catalog.  (ordering still begins at 3:00 pm for everyone.)

If you get a message indicating that you are not an Insider member, that means that the free trial subscription that we arranged for everyone last year has expired.  Membership gets you not only the Catalog Preview, but also early entry into the Online Militaria Show, and use of the militaria reference and AEF unit roster databases.  If you wish to continue with Insider you can do that on your USER CP page after you log in.  Click the "My Subscription" tab.  
Here is how it works:  

First, log in.  Then, click on the Insider Home link in the upper right corner of the website and choose the Catalog Print Preview button from the Insider main page (bottom icon).  At 9:00 am, the preview will be opened.  Once you have opened up the preview, just use the navigation controls to advance the pages and adjust the size.  There is a zoom bar, so you can make things larger or smaller to fit your individual needs.  If you tire of the (rather slow) page-turning animation, just double-click on a page and it will shift to a one-page-at-a-time display, with navigation bars on the sides.  Not as slick, but far more efficient.

This is just like receiving a print copy in the mail on the morning of a new catalog. There are no photos (just like our print catalog.)

 Please note: We still remain closed until 3:00 pm, and you will not be able to place any email or phone orders before the catalog opens.  This is just a preview. 

You know what it is like when the catalog opens - the most common complaint about our business has long been: Damnit! Somebody else got to the stuff I wanted before I found it. AGM openings are often compared to the 1889 Oklahoma Land Rush. Imagine the advantage that having a map ahead of opening time would give you in that situation. Well, here's your map. There is still the normal risk that someone else will press the "buy now" button before you do, but at least now you have the best possible chance.

We also devised this feature as a solution for a few fairness issues that were previously beyond our control. Almost everybody is online these days, but the print catalogs remained popular because people saw them as a planning / intel advantage for the AGM opening. Overseas customers had no opportunity to purchase a print catalog, and even if they did it would not arrive until long after the catalog had already opened.

Among our US customers there have always been issues with postal distribution. We solved it as best we could - they are all mailed on a Friday, which we found (through trial and error) gives them the widest possible distribution prior to the Monday opening. Even so, some customers will get theirs Monday morning, others Monday evening, some Tuesday afternoon, and yet more will straggle in throughout the week. As circumstances in the US Postal System change from day to day, the distribution changes also. All quite unpredictable, as well as absolutely and thoroughly beyond our control.

Well... here it is - the solution for everybody! Unless you don't have a computer. Can't help with that one.