When a new AGM catalog opens up, items tend to go very quickly. Knowing in advance which items are of interest to you is a huge advantage. As an INSIDER member, we used to offer you a .pdf of the printed catalog, which put you on equal footing with the print catalog subscribers who were lucky enough to get their catalogs before it opened online.  

Well.. that has changed - for the better!  At our request, the website guys have arranged it to where you can browse the site as a preview, photos and all, just as you would after the online catalog opens.  Only difference is that there is an opening countdown clock instead of a 'buy' button on the items.  Use this to form your plan of attack, so you are ready when the online catalog opens at 3:00 pm.

The Catalog Preview will normally open up the day before or on the morning of a new catalog opening, depending on the circumstances of an individual catalog.  Please note - this may sometimes be a bit of a view inside the sausage factory - often we are working right up to the last minute getting some of the photos loaded onto the site.  So if you see broken links for photos, check back after a while, refresh your browser, and enjoy a laugh as you imagine us over here in Missouri pulling our hair out trying to get the catalog ready for you!

PLEASE NOTE: We always remain closed to phone or email traffic until the official web catalog opens. The New Catalog Preview is exactly that - a preview. No orders can be placed before the website catalog opens and sales begin at 3:00 pm.

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