Catalog 114 is closed for the moment, but will reopen on February 25
We are very sorry for any inconvenience!  AGM is headed to the big Show-of-Shows, and we are taking a lot of the items from Catalog 114 with us.  We have done this in the past and left the catalog open.. just removing items from the table whenever something sells on the site, and knocking it off the site if it sells at the table.  See the danger here?  Yes, no matter what, there is guaranteed to be at least one thing sell at the table at the table before we learn that someone has reserved it online.  Rather than disappoint anyone (or look foolish), this year we decided that it is easier and safer to just close the site for a few days.

In the meantime, we have staff remaining here at AGM HQ who can process your payments, wrap and ship invoices, etc.