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Remember: to give everybody the best possible chance, we do not sell anything before the catalog opens.  In fact, we remain closed to phone traffic and emails on opening day until the exact moment that the new catalog opens.

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Catalog 115 opens on Monday August 3 at 3:00 pm US central time. 
Well, a lot has happened since our last visit, has it not?  Here at AGM we have spent the time since Show-of-Shows buying collections, processing items that have been in the pipeline for cataloging, and cleaning up the PayPal mess.  Let's start with that first, since it will likely change the way that you handle your exciting new Catalog 115 invoice next week.
There is no more PayPal at AGM.  Ever.
Here is the short, expletive-free version:
All of us who have used PayPal have necessarily checked "I agree" to their user agreement, which as most of us know includes a prohibition against buying and selling anything that they deem offensive to their cultural sensibilities, or weapons - antique or not.  
This means that pretty much ALL of us who buy and sell antique militaria are in violation, and this goes double for those who sell firearms - even antique firearms.  (As far as PayPal is concerned, a Civil War musket is every bit as much "a danger to the community" as a crew-served automatic weapon.)  On March 11th we received the dreaded "we are done with you, and as a bonus, we are also keeping all of your money" email.  Yes, they do that.  So, no more PayPal.

PayPal was also the engine behind all credit card processing for your purchases on the AGM website.  We immediately embarked on a quest for a new firearm-friendly credit card processor.  Once that was accomplished, all we had to do was get the tech guys to rip out the PayPal stuff and install the new processor.  Simple, right?  I sure thought it would be.  Figured we would have a new catalog out in early June, since there were no shows to go to and plenty of time to work on it.  Nope!  Turns out that all of the new credit card interfaces are built for the recent crop of modular cart based websites.  Our site is a custom-built affair.  After the third month of waiting on this, my patience expired.  I may have casually mentioned that in WWII it only took an average of 42 days to build a Liberty Ship.  Our technician patiently explained that what we were doing was the website equivalent of attempting to install a 2019 Tesla transmission into a scratch-built 1984 Ford Bronco, working under a shade tree in the back yard, using only the tools that could be found in that one weird drawer in the kitchen.  OK, fair enough.  Honestly, I think the real hold up was getting one of the "I'm 'working' from home!" tech support people from the credit card processor to finally return a phone call, but whatever it was, at long last it happened, and we are now back up and running!

Please note - with the new system, it will accept your credit card payment and send you a receipt via email.  However, your invoice will not immediately be marked "paid" on the site; instead, that will happen when we do the next daily site update.  They have a plan to remedy this, but it would have delayed Catalog 115 by another few weeks (in theory), so for now, we are just going to be happy with this new safe and secure system as-is.

That's the short version.  If you want more details on what happens when PayPal decides to embargo your account, and steps that you can take to protect your funds before they disappear never to be seen again, click on the "banned for life" image above.  And if this has happened to you or a friend, let me know.  They may be eligible to receive one of the commemorative patches that we are having made.  (Because after all this is AGM, and that's how we roll!)
So, other than that, what do you need to know about Catalog 115?
  • As we have for the past several catalogs when it opens, the new stuff will under the very mysteriously titled category NEW LISTINGS.
  • Everything else that is currently available will be listed in the regular categories.  
  • After a week or so, all items will be consolidated into the regular categories, and the "New Listings" category will disappear.
  • The Insider member preview opens 9:00 am on Monday.  Please keep in mind, this is a view behind the green curtain.  At that point on the day prior to a catalog opening, we are often still uploading images, finding and correcting errors, reshooting items where necessary, and making other small changes.  If you don't see photos of a particular item, check back later.  If you are not an Insider; fear not: the preview is just that - a preview.  Instead of a "BUY" button, a countdown to the catalog opening is displayed.  Sales don't start until it is open to EVERYONE at 3:00 pm.
Catalog 115 contains over 660 brand new listings; joining items already on the site that brings the total number of items available for you to browse to over 1,150.  Here are some of the highlights!  These by no means reflect the whole catalog, or even necessarily the 'best' items.  They were simply images that stood out when I was browsing through Anna's photos.  And yes, that IS a WWII British flamethrower.
115_PV_01SM 115_PV_02SM
115_PV_03SM 115_PV_04SM
115_PV_05SM 115_PV_06SM
115_PV_07SM 115_PV_08SM
115_PV_09SM 115_PV_10SM
115_PV_11SM 115_PV_12SM
Catalog 115 reflects a number of long road trips to the far corners of the US buying militaria, and a few trips into the dusty corners of AGM where some equally wonderful items had been hiding all along!  One of the shorter trips netted a nice collection of Japanese bayonets, including one of the nifty little Test Type 1 knives (aka the 'Paratrooper Bayonet') which I had planned to include in the photo preview, but see now that it somehow escaped.  There are also a number of nice Japanese medals, some good Japanese helmets, a small but nice collection of US WWII aviation wing badges, one of the very nicest WWI M1911 pistols that you could hope to find, several excellent WWI commonwealth pieces, and a decent collection of French Adrian helmets.  

This is a rather wide and varied offering, but the items do have one thing in common.  Most are here because at some point a collection was going to become available, and a friend spoke up and said "you should call AGM."  Guys and gals, we sincerely appreciate these happy referrals.  Thank you.

We also need to thank Tim Prince and Bill Combs, who were 'hired gun' contractors assisting us with cataloging items for #115.

So what else will you find on the new catalog?
Coming up on Monday: Catalog 115 highlights include:
  • French WWI Adrian Helmet with Polack Shrapnel Visor
  • AEF Trench Art Violin
  • Civil War M1832 Artillery Short Sword: 1833 Date
  • Japanese WWII Bayonets (60+)
  • WWI 49th Aero Squadron Aircraft Fabric
  • Wonderful Blue & Gilt British P1879 Midshipman's Naval Dirk by Robert Mole & Sons
  • Identified Napoleonic Era Royal Navy Dirk
  • USMC WWII 4th Marine Raider Battalion DSC Recipient's Uniform Group
  • British WWI Major General's Service Dress Visor Cap: Sir Alexander Wardrop
  • Canadian WWI Enlisted Army Coat, Trousers, & Service Cap
  • Japanese Type 99 Nagoya Arsenal Sniper Rifle with Scope & Scope Case
  • Canadian WWI Highland Officer Uniform 
  • US Military WWI Production "Brushed Blue" Colt Model 1911 Pistol
  • Colt Model 1917 Revolver
  • British WWI 58th London Division Painted Helmet
  • Benicia Arsenal Rebuilt US Model 1903A4 by Remington
  • British WWI Brodies Helmet With Field Cover & Royal Dublin Fusiliers Formation Signs
  • Canadian WWI Montreal Home Guard Savage Musket Bayonet
  • Japanese WWII Test Type 1 Knife aka 'Paratrooper Bayonet'
  • Japanese Type 14 Nambu Pistol and Holster
  • Japanese WWII Army Type 90 Combat Helmet
  • Winchester Model 97 Trench Gun
  • British WWII No. 2 'Lifebouy' Flamethrower 
  • AEF 40th (Camouflage) Engineer NCO Uniform & Camouflage Painted Helmet
  • Inland M1A1 Paratrooper Carbine
  • Colt New Service Army Model of 1909 Revolver
  • 3rd Reich Marked 640(b) High Power Pistol with Holster
  • SA Dagger: very rare maker ARMESO
  • British Victorian 16th Lancers Enlisted Helmet
  • Camouflaged M.16 Helmet (multiple examples!)
  • Russian WWI M1915 Adrian Helmet
  • French WWII 'Blitzkrieg' 1940 Pilot's Flight Suit & Helmet
  • Australian WWI Pattern 1915 Leather Accoutrement Set 
  • Belgian WWI Tropical Adrian Helmet
  • AEF 301st (Heavy) Tank Battalion Painted Helmet
  • Civil War M1860 Cavalry Saber: Scarce Maker D.J. Millard
  • Imperial German Assault Troops / Machine Gunner First Pattern Body Armor
  • Japanese WWII Order of the Golden Kite: Third Class
  • Japanese WWII Navy Type 90 Combat Helmet
  • Japanese WWII Combat Helmet Cover
  • Japanese WWII Navy Officer Collar Tab Set: Warrant Officer to Admiral
  • Manchukuo Order of the Auspicious Clouds: Sixth Class With Case
  • Baden Officer / One Year Volunteer Ersatz Pickelhaube
  • AEF USMC Painted Helmet: Machine Gun Company 6th Marines
  • British 1st Battalion Royal Scots Regimental Drum c. 1918-1936
  • AEF USMC Painted Helmet: 2nd Battalion 6th Marines
  • French WWI Armor Troops 'Tanker' Adrian Helmet
  • French WWI Intendancy Adrian Helmet
  • Iraqi Fedayeen Saddam 'Darth Vader' Helmet
  • French WWI Infantry Adrian Helmet: Général de Brigade
  • British Royal Berkshire Yeomanry Cavalry Enlisted Dress Helmet c.1875-1902
  • Civil War Federal M1850 Foot Officer Sword: Collins & Co.
  • Württemberg Private Purchase Pickelhaube
  • Polish WWII Model 1931 Combat Helmet
  • Soviet Winter War / WWII SSh-36 Helmet
  • French M1907-15 Berthier Rifle by Remington
  • French Model 1886/93 Lebel Rifle
  • French WWI Renault Light Tank Unit Trench Art & Insignia Display
  • Italian WWI Adrian Helmet: Sanitary Corps
  • Czech WWI Legion In France Adrian Helmet
  • Polish Blue Army Adrian Helmet
  • French WWI Adrian Helmet: Gas Detection Units
  • French M1884 Artillery Enlisted Issue Kepi
  • AEF 76th Division Sergeant's Uniform Group w/ Liberty Loan Patches
  • French 1920's Aviation Adrian Helmet
Enough!  That's just a taste - there is much.. much.... MUCH more!  

Want to browse the catalog before the sale starts?  Now you can!  Click here for more details.

We look forward to hearing from you on Monday!

Best regards,


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