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So, what do you need to know about Catalog 117?
  • As we have for the past several catalogs when it opens, the new stuff -in this case all bayonets- will be found under the very mysteriously titled category NEW LISTINGS.
  • Everything else that is currently available will be listed in the regular categories.  If you had your eye on an item last week and it had not yet sold when we shifted gears to 117 on Thursday, it will be there when #117 opens up, but listed in it's native category; i.e. that US 1830's powder flask will be in the first US category, the Kaiserliche Marine saber is in Imperial German, etc. 
  • The new Insider member preview opens this time at 9:00 am on Thursday.  Please keep in mind, this is a view behind the green curtain.  At that point on the day prior to a catalog opening, we are often still uploading images, finding and correcting errors, reshooting items where necessary, and making other small changes.  If you don't see photos of a particular item, check back later.  If you are not an Insider; fear not: the preview is just that - a preview.  Instead of a "BUY" button, a countdown to the catalog opening is displayed.  Sales do not start until it is open to EVERYONE at 3:00 pm.
Catalog #117 is a monster - there are right around 900 new items this time.  Also, it will be a little unusual in that it is comprised entirely of the large BAYONET COLLECTION that we purchased last year.  I had originally planned to have this out in early January, but it took a lot longer to properly identify and catalog this truckload (literally!) of bayonets.  It might not surprise you to know that the references often have conflicting information, especially for some of the more rare and unusual bayonets.  And in spite of the fact that this is now largely a photo-driven sales platform, the perfectionist in me is just not ready to toss the item out with a purposefully vague description and assume that the buyer will not notice or care that we did not know the proper details.  Toward that end, I must thank Bill Combs and Tim Prince who each put in quite a bit of time helping to sort and catalog these.

The preview photos here reflect only a fraction of the catalog, and by no means are simply the 'best' items.   I paged through most of Anna's photographs and picked out shots that I found interesting, and ones that helped to reflect the flavor of the catalog.  Some are of rare and exciting items, to be sure, but others were just good photos.  I took it a bit easy on Japanese bayonets, since the cover art does a rather good job of communicating the idea that #117 is delightfully heavy on these.   That's not a layered image created in photoshop - that is a 'one click' photo of as many bayonets as we dared to put on the light table!  (Approximately 20% of the collection was Japanese bayonets.. and pretty good ones for that matter.)

This collector was also a huge fan of sawbacks.  Though there were not as many 98/05 bayonets as I had been hoping to see, the ones that were there tended to be either makers identified by Carter as 'rare', or sawbacks.  Or both.  And that was not limited to 98/05's either.  There is a sawback 98 and 98/02 in there, as well as a bunch of 84/98's which was a really pleasant surprise.
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One of many rolling carts of bayonets that we are using this time to help organize and manage this collection:
And this one is one of the AGM inventory carts prior to cataloging, stacked with Type 30 bayonets in late war wood scabbards, with a few pole bayonets and other jewels hitching a ride:
Unfortunately I did not think to take photos of the collection as it had been displayed in the gentleman's house until we had already started the process of packing it up.  It was in four of the upstairs rooms, though, so as impressive as his displays were, they still did not quite reflect the enormity of the collection.
Coming up on Thursday: Catalog 117 highlights include:
  • Irish 1916 Easter Uprising Shotgun Bayonet
  • Japanese WWII Test Type 1 Knife aka 'Paratrooper Bayonet': (LB#234) Toyada Automatic Loom Works
  • Civil War Era Militia Bowie Knife / Pole Arm Bayonet aka 'the New Orleans Potts Bayonet'
  • Two Sequentially Numbered M1905 Bayonets: Springfield 1913
  • British Pattern 1907 Bayonet: Enfield 1910 w/ Hooked Quillon
  • S. 98/02 Sawback Bayonet: Engineer Siege Service Corps Unit Marking
  • Japanese WWII 'Last Ditch Defense' Pole Bayonet: (LB#175) Hoten Arsenal
  • M1905 Bayonet: Springfield 1922
  • Württemberg M1871 Pioneer Faschinenmesser Bayonet
  • Hessian Hirschfänger Bayonet M. 1846
  • Australian WWII Parachutist Machete Bayonet
  • Extremely Rare Nepalese State Forces Kukri Bayonet
  • Prussian Hirschfänger M1871
  • Polish WZ28 Bayonet
  • Orange Free State Sawback Bayonet: German Made by Simson & Co.
  • Spanish "La Azpeitiana" Perfected Snider Rifle Bayonet Issued to the Havana Volunteers 1870
  • M1895 Lee 'Straight-Pull' Rifle Bayonet and Scabbard
  • British Pattern 1859 Naval Cutlass Bayonet Type I
  • Prussian Füsilier Bayonet M. 1860
  • Dutch M1891 Bayonet for Rolling Block Carbine: WKC
  • Winchester Saber Bayonet for M1866 Lever Action Musket
  • Japanese 1889 Type 22 First Pattern Murata Bayonet (LB#54)
  • Imperial German Altered Italian M1870 Vetterli Vitali Bayonet
  • Hungarian M1935 Mannlicher Rifle Bayonet: Cavalry NCO
  • Costa Rican Colt Lightning Saber Bayonet
  • British Pattern 1840 Irish Constabulary Socket Bayonet (Type I)
  • Spanish Model 1893 Philippine Service Mauser Sabre Bayonet
  • M1942 Rifle Bayonet: Wilde Drop Forge & Tool Co. with Detroit Gasket Scabbard
  • Prussian Alteration of Captured Schleswig-Holstein Hirschfänger
  • S.71 Sawback Bayonet: Carl Kaiser & Companie
  • Finnish Winter War - WWII M1939 Bayonet / Fighting Knife
  • Italian WWI Ersatz Vetterli Vitali Bayonet
  • Austro-Hungarian WWI Ersatz Twist Bayonet
  • S. 1914 Gottscho Bayonet & Scabbard: Bavaria
  • S. 1914 Gottscho Bayonet & Scabbard
  • Japanese 1889 Type 22 Second Pattern Murata Bayonet & Scabbard (LB#55)
  • Prussian S.98 n.A. Sawback Bayonet
  • New Zealand Contract Sawback Bayonet for Snyder Short Rifle
  • Belgian M1868 Engineer Sawback Bayonet
  • M4 Carbine Bayonet: Conversion of Camillus Blade-Marked M3 Trench Knife
  • Belgian M1848 Thouvenin Douane Carbine Bayonet
  • Japanese WWII Type 30 Bayonet: (LB#223) Navy Special w/ Rubberized Scabbard & Frog
  • Bullet-Struck 84/98 Bayonet: H. Mundlos & Co 1944
  • French M1840 Artillery Carbine Saber Bayonet
  • British P1856 Saber Bayonet by CSA Supplier Horace Chavasse
  • British P1863 Whitworth Rifle Saber Bayonet
  • Swedish M1915 Naval Sword Bayonet
  • Police KS98 Service Bayonet by Hörster : Schutzpolizei of Oppeln District
  • Imperial Crank Handle Combination Trench Knife / Bayonet
  • Finnish Winter War - WWII M1927 Bayonet
  • Yugoslavian M1924B Bayonet: Conversion of Imperial German Sawback Bayonet
  • WWI M1917 Rifle Bayonet: Winchester with First Pattern Scabbard
  • Soviet SVT-40 Tokarev Bayonet
  • Belgian M1889 Bayonet: US Hopkins & Allen Contract
  • Early WWII British No. 4 MK.I Bayonet
  • British No. 5 MK.I Jungle Carbine Bayonet
  • Civil War Austrian Lorenz Bayonet w/ Oval Profile Scabbard
  • Australian Owen MK1 Submachine Gun Bayonet
And much.. much.... MUCH more!  There are over 200 nice Japanese bayonets, 40+ Imperial German ersatz bayonets, 30+ M1905 bayonets, a number of WWII German 84/98 bayonets with matched markings, Imperial and WWII KS98 dress bayonets, German Fire Police sawback dress bayonets, US Civil War bayonets, Austrian, Polish, Czech, British, Soviet, Italian, Belgian, etc., etc.  

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We look forward to hearing from you on Thursday!

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